Ivan Marković

Security consultant and researcher

Long experience in designing and implementation of security solutions, mainly oriented on web, mobile and embedded applications. Author of penetration testing tools, recognized by OWASP organization and BackTrack Linux distribution. Researching work includes discovery of vulnerabilities of numeral applications and services, and for these, author received public apreciations by Microsoft Company.

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Useful GDPR resources

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens the right of individuals in the European Union (EU) to control their personal data and requires organizations to bolster their privacy and data protection measures. It applies to organizations established in the European Union (EU) as well as organizations-wherever they are located-that offer goods and services to the EU or monitor the behavior of individuals in the EU. Enforcement of the regulation begins May 25, 2018. The following questions are meant to assist organizations by identifying technologies and steps that can be implemented to simplify their GDPR compliance efforts.

OWASP Risk Assessment Calculator

Discovering vulnerabilities is important, but being able to estimate the associated risk to the business is just as important. This Risk Rating Calculator is based on OWASP's Risk Rating Methodology.

metaMAMA - MetaData Extractor

I want to show how simple it is to find META data with few lines of code. Also sometimes during pentests you need to make tools because so many limitations and this is the great way to learn some basics.

Phishing campaign takedown

Some photos from phishing campaign takedown. I have coordinated with providers and CERT-s.